This game about slow life in the farm. Grow your plants, water them and harvest when they are ready.


  • To activate object hold E.
  • To pause game press Escape


  • Visuals and game idea by C. Quel
  • Programming by Macoron


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sorry to say but the game is a bit repetative


Don't download this game. I know it is meant to be simplistic and relaxing, but it is just not good or relaxing. Sorry dev.


I really like this game :) Very relaxing and simplistic. great job <3

wheres the download?

Deleted post



Playing reminds me of my real allotment.
And the memory fills my chest with excitement.
Planting seeds under the sun, in bare soil.
Rewards my soul, as my back pays the toil.
But my urge to plant must be kept at bay.
As snow again started falling, yesterday.

Wow, I glad that our game engage people in poetry.