Space Fish is a colorful space adventure platformer. You play as a fish exploring the cosmos. Use gravity mechanics and boost to navigate the hostile terrain, and make it to the wormhole at the end of each level.


Left Mouse Button - Select start/ Control character

Space Bar - Boost


Macoron - Project Director and Coder

Liam Jackson (zhev) - Musician and Sound Designer

Retnuh - Artist

Made for Dragon Jam 2017.


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Fun little game. For something so simple, it was surprisingly good.

fun concept. I knew what to do immediately which is cool, but I felt like I was launching to the next bubble blind the first time through. I played through it a couple times and enjoyed it more the second time. I think this was because I knew roughly what lay ahead. Maybe if you add more to this you can have a button to zoom out for a second to plan your jumps. Great job and even as  an early submission it feels very complete!

This is actually pretty cool. It would make a great android game. It's pretty fun and got me to play till the end.  Music is fun too. Great job guys!